Are we there yet?

In our last post everything was great, we had passed the halfway mark and were happily enjoying ample food and drink in the lounge. Apart from Mary having a mild case of vertigo and struggled to walk in at straight line, everything was fine. It wasn’t until we departed Gatwick that things began to go wrong. 

Ben alleviating boredom by showing off his photography skills

The flight time between Gatwick and Amsterdam is about 1 hour once you take off, or it was supposed to be. Strong winds in Amsterdam meant that they had closed off a couple of runways and our allocated landing time had been delayed by an hour, with the hope of taking off sooner. That’s fine, 30 minutes extra waiting on the tarmac wouldn’t hurt. Until it became 1.5 hours and our connecting flight to Helsinki was getting closer. The staff at British Airways were great, we got served a meal and we each relaxed with a whiskey. After being advised that we potentially wouldn’t land until after our connecting flight was scheduled to depart, our time slot got moved forward and we arrived at Amsterdam at around 6.30pm local time. Once we disembarked at Schiphol we quickly found at that the entire airport was in chaos. Every flight going in and out of Amsterdam was either delayed or cancelled. We found out that our flight to Helsinki would be delayed for one hour which is fine but at this stage we had reached over 40 hours travel time.

Schiphol Airport is the third busiest airport in Europe. All we can say is that we were glad we already had our boarding passes. Lounge access was pretty much redundant here, no seats and bad food. 1 hour after its delayed scheduled departure time, we left finally took off on our last leg of the journey. A 1.5 hour flight can seem like a long time and somewhere between Amsterdam and Helsinki we both realised that if we don’t stop soon, our bodies will pretty much just shut down.

We both eagerly disembarked at Helsinki and waited for our luggage. And waited. And waited. It became pretty clear early on that our luggage was stuck somewhere between Brisbane and Helsinki (via Gatwick and Amsterdam). After a smooth process at the arrivals desk we caught an Uber into the city (which we found out after to be illegal in Finland). The trip cost us 25 euro and 30 minutes and was the best 25 euro spent so far. Finally at 1am we arrived at our hotel, making it 49 hours since we left home in Brisbane.


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