Iceland – there are no words

Iceland. The land of ice and fire. Home to shaggy ponies, stunning scenery and Bjork. As the title suggests there are no words to describe our amazing stay in Iceland so most of this post will be photographs. We spent our days hiking to waterfalls, craters and hot springs, and driving through the most amazing scenary. We were ridiculously lucky with the weather and had blue sunny skies every day until the very last morning where it was raining with sleet. 

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After arriving in Iceland we met up with some friends and drove our brand new Kia 120km north-west of Reykjavik. Our first stop (after grocery shopping at the local Bonus) was a cottage outside of a town called Borgarnes. It was secluded and most importantly heated.

Our cottage in Borgarnes

Icelandic days in March start to get longer with sunrise at 6.50am and sunset at 8.10pm, with the daylight finally fading at 9.30pm. Our first day was very cloudy so we had little hope of seeing the northern lights however we kept an eye on the forecast anyway. At about 10.30pm we walked outside and in Ben’s words we spent the next hour exclaiming “holy shit!” over and over again. In order to be able to see the lights with the naked eye they have to be very active. We were lucky that for both nights at Borgarnes we were able to see the lights dance across the sky with light colours of green and pink visible very briefly.


We spent our final two nights in Reykjavik which was a good base for the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route, and the famous Blue Lagoon.

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At the Blue Lagoon



Our Iceland hot tips:

  • Hiring a car is a must however it is worth upgrading to a larger car or a 4WD if you can afford it. The roads are full of potholes!
  • There are two types of maniacs on Iceland’s roads. Tourists driving almost to a stop to look at the scenery and the locals who speed everywhere.
  • Stay in the country. Get away from the Golden Circle and head north or east. The Golden Circle tour is nice but it is jam packed with tourists. We found the most stunning scenery on route 54 from Snaefellsnes National Park to Stykkishólmur in West Iceland.






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