Those places where it is cheaper to drink good wine than eat good food.

Dubrovnik. Pearl of the Adriatic and as many Game of Throne’s fans would know, home to Kings Landing.

It would be a shame if Game of Thrones fans didn’t recognise this street.

Dubrovnik dates back to the 7th Century, where it was known as Ragusa until the 1800s. Dubrovnik in its heyday was an independent merchant town and traded with Turkey and India and had diplomatic relations with the English throughout the Middle Ages. It’s old town was completed in the 13th Century and remains unchanged today. 


We had forseen that Dubrovnik would not be a suitcase friendly city so we had organised a transfer from the airport to our Air BnB, which was located right on the edge of the old town and had a fantastic view from the terrace. Our host had also stocked the fridge full of supplies such as milk, beer, limoncello, chocolate, eggs and butter and even bought us a plate of meat, cheese and vegetables on Easter morning.

Our Easter platter

Another fine example of how Air BnB can offer better value for money than a basic hotel. Dubrovnik is one of those cities where paying for a kitchenette is worth the extra $$. As we wandered around the restaurants in the area we discovered that contrary to popular belief, Dubrovnik is expensive. Many basic restaurants (with no view) have mains starting at $60.  We made it our mission to eat in Dubrovnik as cheaply as possible and discovered that it can be done, it just takes a bit of work.

The main drag of the Old Town is Stradun. In order to find a cheaper alternative, it just takes a bit of meandering away from Stradun and down a few alley ways. We found that pizzas are generally served as a family sized pizza so we were able to split a margherita pizza for under $10 each. We also found that bakeries and gelato were good value for money snack wise. If none of these options take your fancy at least you can sit and buy a glass of good house red for about $5aud per glass.

Stradun. All roads in Dubronik’s Old Town lead to Stradun so it’s impossible to get completely lost.

It was storming on our first full day in the city so we took this chance to do some laundry and just generally relax after constantly sight-seeing for 4 weeks straight. In the afternoon, we braved the rain and found that most businesses had closed due to the weather so we headed to the local Irish Bar.

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The following day provided a bit more sun so we took the opportunity to walk the walls of the Old Town and relax with a prosecco and a red wine at the Buza Bar – probably the

View from the Buza Bar

most famous bar in Dubrovnik, it is located right on the cliff face and provides a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea. There are actually two Buza Bars in old town Dubrovnik and they are both hidden away through small rock archways where the only way to find it is to follow the signs to ‘good drinks’. The drinks here are deemed expensive however by Australian standards they were on par with prices at a nice bar back home.

There are plenty more activities to do around Dubrovnik. Tours to neighbouring islands and towns were quite reasonable but this is probably because it is not yet peak season. The weather wasn’t great for us so we opted to take it easy and relax. It was in Dubrovnik that the last remaining handle on Mary’s suitcase broke. Trying to buy a suitcase in a heavily Catholic country over the Easter weekend proved unsuccessful so we dumped some clothing and prepared for our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina the following day.

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